Karine Bouchard - Artist


Karine Bouchard found her calling in 1991.  All started for her with the inspiration which brought to her the creation of funeral urns. Shortly thereafter, Verre Minuit Inc. was founded, with Karine at its helm.  An artist - in every sense of the word - she excels at her craft. She has a rare genius, a second sense, for the strengths and limitations of color, lighting and shape.  Consequently, all of Karine’s creations are poetic in tone.  Each glass urn is as unique as the person it commemorates, and each tailor-made piece receives the same attention, the same care. Its talent as an artist and warmth as a human being assures the popularity of her product among her many clients.

Verre Minuit’s leading-edge designs make it the preferred choice with its clients and have led the business to experience considerable success over the last few years. The company is proud to serve its North American and European customers, many of whom hail from the funeral, lighting, hotel industries and the field of architectural design.